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Masonic Philatelic Club

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Picture of stamp collector

 In the Current Issue

1  President’s Page
      Masonic symbols on postage stamps

2  Sir George Cayley

3  Chairman’s Comment / Message from the Editor

4  Concorde and Freemasonry
     Masonic Museum at Schloss Rosenau

5  Once upon a time

15 The International Peace Garden Lodge

16 The Master Forger
      who founded Freemasonry in Australia

19 Eddie Cantor

21 420 Years of Freemasonry ?
     Sir Artur “Cowan” Doyle

23 News of recent finds

Cover The Fairy and the Frog by Ida Rentoul Outhwaite. 1922

The stamps shown may not be actual size
or in scale with other stamps on the same page


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