Originator of the children’s puppet - Sooty and nephew of Harry Ramsden, the most famous name in the fish and chip shop world.
He was initiated on 17th October, 1951, in Chevin Lodge No. 6484 EC, passed on the 21st November and raised on 20th February, 1952, later becoming one of the Founder Members of Knowles Lodge No. 8996 E.C.
Clark Gable
Well known film star who was initiated Beverly Hills Lodge No. 528 California, passed on 17th October and raised on 31st October, 1933. Passed to the GLA in 1960
Tommy Cooper
British television and stage artist - ‘The Magician Whose Tricks Never Worked’ or did they??
Initiated in St Margaret Westminster Lodge No. 4518, on 16th December, 1952, passed on 15th September 1953 and raised on 2nd February, 1954.  
Peter Sellers
British comedian and actor, probably best known as a member of ‘The Goons’ radio show, and his role as the incompetent Inspector Clouseau.
A member of Chelsea Lodge No. 3078 EC where he was initiated on 16 July, 1948, passed on 21 January, 1949 and raised on 16 November, 1951.
In his biography of his Father his son was doubtful as to his real treason for joining the Fraternity and seemed to think that he made fun of the whole thing!!
Harry Corbet
Douglas Fairbanks Snr.
Famous film actor in the early days of Hollywood.
Raised in Beverly Hills Lodge No. 528 on the 11th August, 1925
Member of the ‘233 Club’ whose members were all Freemasons of the movie ‘colony’.
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